Title: AGONY

Author: JoleneB

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Date of Completion: 28 Jan 2005

E-Mail: jbuttolph@hotmail.com or JoleneB1953@yahoo.com

Category: H/C

Warnings: icky stuff


Summary: Ficlet inspired by Yahoo! Jackfic Group MC -- Agony

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Disclaimer: I do profess to my profound regret that I have no rights to Stargate SG-1 (except to enjoy). The concept and characters belong to SciFi Channel, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, Gekko ProductionsÖ ad infinitum.

Authors Notes: Okay, I really wanted to write a whole fic. Really. But everyone here knows Iím still working on the last on, for the last ten months that is. So, instead of waiting for another year. I cheated, or my muse did. HE decided that it would be short and not really part of the MC thingy. But I do hope you enjoy it anyway.

Dedication: To our military friends, may they all come home after a job well done.





Relax. Breathe deep. Slow exhale. Yeah, thatís it. Roll the shoulders. Loosen up. Relax.


Donít think about the pain, the blood or the scream. Now, what did I say! Donít think about... ya know the consequences of hitting the target. Okay, all tensed up again.




Gotta do this. Itís simple, itís not like ya havenít done this before ya know. Damn, I wish there were another way. Oh, right! There is another way, but even I donít condone THAT! Yeah, yeah, sure. Sometimes itís necessary, I get that. But if I can avoid doing THAT, I will. Some people, whom I wonít mention, are just too quick to use that method. Yepper. Too damn quick.


Damn, Iím all tensed up again. Widen that stance and lean into it airman! Relax. Think... of nothing.


Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Slower. Innn. Ouuut. Innn. Ouuut. Calm. Still. Concentrate. Just let it happen. Itís just the call of nature. Feel it happening. At the bottom of the breath...




ďColonel? Are you alright in there?Ē


Slightly muffled, a way too close and all too familiar voice rang in my roaring ears; and once I could breath again, I answered, ďAh, yeah. Just peachy!Ē


ďSir, you need to take your antibiotics. Maybe I should put back in the...Ē


ďNo! No way. AND, for your information, Iím taking the damn antibiotics,Ē I barked towards the woman who shadowed my every breath of late. Slowly I lowered myself to sit, spent over the emotion, breathing shallowly, riding out the burning pain that wasnít going away.


ďSir, I beg to disagree, the evidence is in plain sight.Ē


Damn. I was so busy trying not to choke on it I forgot to hide it. A whole bowl of oatmeal, and I left the pill sitting in a melting heap next to it. Crap! Maybe sheís right. Sigh. Maybe Iím not ready to go home. I canít even handle a simple subterfuge. And, damn, Iím tired. Even the effort of running my hands down my flushed face tires me.


The wall sent out an invitation of support, which I quickly accepted, literally oozing to the floor to lean against it. Savoring the oh so slowly subsiding burn in one VERY, very private location, I closed my eyes against the too bight light and enjoyed the feel of the cool tiles that ate the excess heat from my skin.


Relief was relative, just like time. I wonder what Carter would have to say about that?


ďJack, need some help in there?Ē


Danny? Is the Napoleonic Power Monger selling tickets or something?


ďFor crying out loud! Canít a man have a little peace and privacy when heís in agony!Ē



The End?