Title – God Complex
Author – Samantha
Email – Gater_Sam@hotmail.com
Content Level: 13+
Summary – How Jack found out that Sam was engaged to Jonas Hanson.
Spoilers – Emancipation, (Broca Divide, a little) First Commandment
Category- Episodes addition
Content Warnings- none
Pairings- Sam and Jack Friendship
Status- Complete
Archive- Jackfic, SJD, Carterfic, Event Horizon.
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Disclaimer- They’re not mine. Big surprise there. It all belongs to
MGM, Gekko, and whoever else is involved. The story is mine though. I
have made no money from this and wrote it for entertainment purposes
Author’s note- Someone asked when Jack found out that Sam was engaged
to Jonas. This is my thoughts on it.
Dedication- For whoever asked the question, hopefully you’ll actually
read this.
Copyright- Samantha Fox 01/03.

”Carter?” Jack called out as he entered the locker room that she had
disappeared into moments earlier.
”Colonel.” She greeted him with a nod.
”You seemed a little distracted during the debriefing.” Jack pointed
”It’s nothing Sir.” Sam insisted with a smile.
Jack looked at her for a moment. “Sure?” He asked.
”Yes sir.” Sam replied.
”Ok.” He let it go. “Daniel and I are going out for drinks tonight if
you’d like to join us. After you’re spectacular kicking of ass I’d
say the drinks are on me.”
”Thank you sir. Sounds like fun.” Sam agreed.
”Great.” Jack grinned a little. “We’ll see you top side at 1900.”

”Engaged?” Daniel asked in surprise. “I thought you seemed a little
shocked to see him.”
”I don’t think shocked quite covers it.” Sam smiled.
”What happened?” Daniel probed.
”I broke it off.” Sam filled in. “We were very incompatible.”
”A beer for lady.” Jack quipped with a grin as he placed Sam’s drink
in front of her. “One for me and a…Bacardi and coke, Daniel?”
”It’s a hell of a lot better than beer.” Daniel insisted.
”You may as well have ordered Malibu and coke.” Jack raised an
”What’s wrong with Malibu?” Daniel asked innocently.
Jack rolled his eyes dramatically, causing Sam to giggle.
”Not in a dress tonight Carter? I’m disappointed.” Jack smirked.
Sam shot a glare at him. “Never again.” She laughed. “Especially not
one as big as that blue…thing.”
Daniel and Jack both laughed at the disgusted expression on her face.
”So, what did you say while I was gone?” Jack tried to start up the
conversation again.
”Nothing really.” Sam told him casually before Daniel could
speak. “Just technical stuff, you wouldn’t be interested.”
”Hmm, sounds fascinating, but I’d hate for you to have to repeat it
all.” Jack replied sarcastically.
”Who’s up for a game of pool?” Sam asked.
”Jack.” Daniel replied. “Trust me, I wouldn’t be much of a match for
Sam laughed, her whole face lighting up and her eyes dancing.
”Ok flyboy.” She grinned. “First shot is a free table, second shot
doesn’t carry if you pot and loser buys the next round.” Sam reeled
off, successfully confusing Daniel. “Sir.” She added as an after
Sam walked over to the table to set up the balls.
”God, it’s no wonder she was engaged.” Daniel mumbled.
”What?” Jack asked, his curiosity peaked.
”Well look at her.” Daniel pointed to the oblivious woman lining up
the black ball.
”Yeah I can see Daniel.” Jack almost yelled. “What did you say about
her being engaged?”
”To Jonas Hanson.” Daniel replied. “SG9’s new CO. You didn’t know?”
”No.” Jack said, trying not to show how put out he was. “How long?”
”A year I think.” Daniel told him. “I guess it’s not a big deal.”
”Not a big deal?” Jack almost laughed.
”You ready sir?” Sam called over.
”Uh, ya sure you betchya.” Jack replied unsurely, still processing
the new discovery.

Jack and Sam were on their fourth game of pool when Jack broached the
subject. He had lost two of the three games and it looked like he was
going to lose this one too.
”You didn’t have to come out with us you know.”
”Is that a polite way of trying to get me to leave?” Sam asked,
suddenly nervous although not sure why.
”No!” Jack replied, a little too enthusiastically. “I just don’t want
to keep you from anything…or anyone.” He added quietly.
”Like who?” Sam knitted her brow, trying to think if she had
forgotten that she had plans.
”Well I just thought, seeing as we’ve been off world for days.” Jack
started, lowering his voice incase anyone heard. “That you’d want to
go home to the fiancé.”
”Fiancé?” Sam laughed.
”Jonas.” Jack continued.
”Daniel.” Sam rolled her eyes.
”What?” Jack asked. “I thought he said it was J…oh you mean Daniel
told me.”
”Yeah.” Sam nodded with a smile.
”I’m wondering why you didn’t.” Jack purposely pouted, wondering when
he had gotten comfortable enough with her to put on the act. “I don’t
want any guy trying to kill me if I let you get hurt or something.”
Sam laughed again. “Wires crossed.”
”I was engaged. Past tense. We broke up about a year ago.” Sam
assured him.
”Oh.” Jack nodded, having the grace to be a little
embarrassed. “Sorry.”
”That’s ok.” Sam smiled, taking another shot. “I’ll have another
beer.” She informed him.
Jack looked down at the table to find that she had cleared up again.

”Why wasn’t I told?” Jack demanded angrily. “Sir.” He added
”There was no need.” General Hammond assured him.
”Don’t you think it’s a problem?” Jack tried to reason with him more
”They were both upfront about it Colonel, and it’s in the past. It
isn’t causing any problems therefore it’s no ones business but
”Yes sir.” Jack accepted it begrudgingly.
”Dismissed.” The General nodded.
George chuckled to himself as Jack left the room. He’d known from the
start that this one was going to be a handful. At least he cared
though, that’s what made him respect the man…despite his bordering
”General?” An eager voice interrupted his thoughts.
”Yes Doctor?” He addressed the scientist standing in the doorway.
”The computer just extrapolated an address with the same coordinates
as the ones we have of the Goa’uld address sir.” The young man
replied excitedly.

”SG1 and SG3 to the briefing room.” The base intercom announced.
Damn, Jack thought to himself. Talking out the issue with Sam would
have to wait.
However the events of SG1 and SG3’s mission pushed it from his mind.

”Carter?” Jack called Sam over. She reluctantly went after him.
Jack pulled off his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes.
”I want you to take Conner back through the Stargate, report to
General Hammond what’s happened here.”
”No Sir.” Sam replied.
”No Sir?” Jack asked, raising his head.
”If you’re going after Captain Hanson I should go with you. I can get
to him.” Sam answered.
”Look Captain.” He stressed. “Either we’re bringing him back to face
a court martial or not and I think we both know what the not means.”
”I know him Colonel.” Sam reminded him.
”Yeah, that would be the problem, wouldn’t it?” Jack asked, a little
Sam could see in his eyes that he was wound up. Not just because of
the mission but because of the fact that she didn’t tell him about
the engagement.
”I gave back the ring because I know him. I know how he thinks, how
he operates.” Sam insisted.
”How he likes to play God?” Jack shot back.
”Look, I don’t understand how that could happen any more than you do.
But if SG1 is going after him then I’m going with you.” Sam said in
no uncertain terms.
The tension between them was reaching critical when Conner rose to
his feet and spoke up. Sam was relieved, maybe Jack would just let it
go, or maybe he’d wait until a later date and throw it back in her
face once again. Sam forced those thoughts from her mind and focused
on the mission.

The End