Title: Bubbles  (ok so i'm unoriginal *G*)

Author:  Sokerchick aka Katie

Summary:  Bubbles   (still being unoriginal)

Content Warnings:  Death

Parings: None

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer:  Not mine.







He tried to close his eyes.  He wanted to shut out the image of the boy laying in his arms.


He knelt there and prayed out loud clutching his son’s body.


Between his anguished prayers he issued orders.  Telling the woman pacing franticly behind him what to do.


Blue eyes blinked up into his darker chocolate colored pools.  Confusion swept across the features, then recognition. 


“Dad” the word came out a whisper partially obscured by frothy bubbles emanating from the boys chest and mouth. 


His chest stopped and the bubbles on his lips burst.


In Colorado a man by the name of Jack O’Neill woke up screaming his son’s name.