Title- Desist, Distract, Destroy 

Author- Samantha

Email- sameri86uk@btinternet.com

Content Level- C

Content warning- None

Pairings- None really, if you want to see any you probably could

Summary- Jack, Sam, Janet and Daniel are fighting for their lives

Spoilers- None

Status- Finished

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Disclaimer- They’re not mine. Big surprise there. It all belongs to MGM, Gekko, and whoever else is involved. The story is mine though, as are all original characters. I have made no money from this and wrote it for entertainment purposes only.

Author’s note- I started this years ago and now I’ve set it up to kill 3 birds with one stone. The first line is from “forks in the road 2” because this bunny was waiting when the challenge was set. Now it includes the Jackfic March MC word. I also just wanted to finish a fic as all my others are so long, lol.

Dedication- For everyone who’s ever sent me feedback, here’s hoping the muse stays awake this time!

Copyright- Samantha Fox 03/05




She ran aimlessly, panting heavily, with no destination in mind, just a desperate need to evade her pursuers for as long as possible. She almost tripped on a tree root and stumbled to regain her footing.


They were closing in on her.


She knew that ultimately there was no escape; that she was only delaying the inevitable, but she kept going.


There was a shout from close by.  She stopped and ducked behind a fallen tree. A twig snapped behind her. She let out the breath she’d been holding, dragging herself to her feet and turning to face her captor.


“Sir, it’s you,” Sam breathed in relief as Jack stood before her.


Sam leant forward placing her hands on her knees and trying to catch her breath.


“I thought it was one of them!  Why didn’t you yell?”


“Because it was quite entertaining to watch you run,” Jack grinned.


“That’s not funny,” Sam narrowed her eyes at him before closing them again.


“You weren’t going to give yourself up were you, Carter?” Jack admonished.


“Yes,” Sam dropped to sit on a tree stump. “In the hope that you’d come to my rescue.”


“Ah, your white knight,” Jack nodded. “I need at least three months notice for the role.”


“I’ll be sure to plan my next abduction then,” Sam sighed, leaning back. Her hand moved to her weapon to check that it hadn’t been damaged in the fall.


“Have you seen them yet?” Sam asked, after a moment spent collecting herself.


“Not since we broke off,” Jack shook his head. “Sorry, but I’m still having issues with you running,” Jack backtracked. “Why didn’t you stay and fight?”


“I did,” Sam pointed to a wet, red patch on her arm. “It was two on one and I didn’t have a chance.”


“They do get pretty mean when they want to, don’t they,” Jack observed. “I didn’t think they had it in them.”


“Oh, I knew they did,” Sam explained. “I just wish I’d known that I’d known.”


“Yeah…ok,” Jack shrugged, trying to figure out what the hell she meant. “Whatever.”


“We should keep moving,” Sam suggested. “The longer we’re still for, the more the chance we’ll be discovered. How long do we have?”


Jack checked his watch. “An hour. Let’s go.”





Daniel kicked his way through the undergrowth, weapon ready in his hands in case the enemy surprised them.


“Would you keep the noise down?” Janet hissed. “Do you want them to hear us coming?”


Daniel glanced at her and began walking along a little more quietly.


“Maybe we should split up,” Janet suggested. “We’ll have more chance of finding Jack and Sam that way.”


“We’ll have more chance of getting shot and not having backup that way,” Daniel argued.


“I’ll take the path that way,” Janet pointed. “You head back towards the gate.”


“Fine,” Daniel conceded. “Just don’t blame me if you get shot in the back.”


Janet rolled her eyes and began walking, acutely aware of every sound around her as she kept a look out for some sign of Jack or Sam.





“I think we should split up again,” Sam announced. “Evasive action is all very well to stop us getting shot, but we’ll never find Janet or Daniel at this rate.”


“Ok,” Jack agreed. “I’ll back track to where you got shot, and you can keep going forward.”


They split off in their respective directions.


Sam knew it was only a matter of time before she bumped into the enemy again, so she crept through the trees, determined to see them before they saw her.




Jack trampled through the twigs and leaves on the ground, weapon held loosely at his side - ready to use, but out of his way.


Hearing a twig snap he spun around, weapon pointing into the space that had been directly behind him.


There was no one there.


Turning around again, Jack shook his head.  He was being paranoid.


He’d expected this to be an easy win; he’d been wrong.


Before Jack could take another step a shot came from up in the branches of a tree near by, hitting him directly in the chest.


“Oh no,” Jack groaned, slumping to the ground with his back against a tree.





Daniel wandered towards the gate, figuring the best plan for staying alive would be to wait there until all the others gave up and caught up with him.


He considered dumping his gun and hoping that they wouldn’t shoot an unarmed man.


Then he remembered who the enemy was and tightened his grip on it.  These people didn’t care whether or not you were armed.


If he’d been paying more attention he might have noticed the figure lurking behind the tree in front of him.


If he’d been more aware then he might have gotten the first shot whilst his enemy got in position.


He wasn’t paying attention.


The shot had hit him before he even saw it coming.


The pain was instant and, realizing what had happened, he dropped to the ground, defeated.





Sam crashed through the trees, running to find Jack.


She almost ran straight past him, skidding to a stop when she saw him.


“Oh no.” She crouched down in front of him, the red stain soaking through his jacket slowly turning the green to black.


Taking hold of him, she dragged him back towards the gate.





When Sam and Jack arrived at the gate, Janet and Daniel were already there.


Daniel’s shirt stained in much the same way as Jack’s.


Sam and Janet’s eyes met in a mutual feeling. It was over.


“Victory,” Sam grinned, high fiving Janet as she came to a stop at the other woman’s side. “They didn’t have a hope.”


“What?” Daniel exclaimed. “You ganged up on us?”


“Two on two, Daniel,” Janet smiled. “That’s how we were playing, right?”


“You two are evil,” Jack chuckled.


“Come on sir,” Sam laughed. “Us against them was hardly a fair split.”


“And changing the teams without telling us was fair how?” Jack laughed with her. He should have guessed the girls would pull something like that.


Sam was just thinking of a come back when a shot hit her in the chest.


“Cheat,” she glared, with a grin, deciding against taking any revenge. Technically, she and Janet had been cheating all the way through.


“Deter, Detect, Defend,” Jack shrugged, relinquishing his weapon before Sam decided to shoot him again.


“More like ‘Desist, Distract, Destroy’,” Sam laughed. “You are a bad loser.”


“You defected, Carter,” he protested. “Now how am I ever gonna trust you to watch my back, huh?”


They held eye contact with each other, both holding a mischievous glint in their eyes.


Janet, deciding that the show was over, turned to leave.


As she reached to open the gate to the paintball course she felt the wind knocked out of her from behind.


Janet didn’t pause. She knew, despite his earlier words, that Daniel was to blame for her getting shot in the back, and she knew that he’d pay for it when they got home.


The End