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Jackfic :: a great Jack-focused site featuring fanfiction, music videos, fan art and lots more

Gateworld :: one of the best Stargate sites out there -- has pictures, spoilers, episode summaries, a fanfiction archive, etc.

Kawoosh :: Stargate music video archive -- the place to go if you're looking for music vids

Dedicated to Stargate SG-1 :: wonderful site with fanfiction, fan art, lots of pictures, icons, sound bytes and much more

Heliopolis :: the top fanfiction archive in the Stargate fandom

Stargate Fan :: even more fanfiction, pictures and episode summaries

Kernel Jack's Pad :: home of hilarious fanfiction, animated GIFs and all kinds of other pointless and incredibly fun stuff

Jeff's Stargate Music Videos :: a site with some excellent high-quality music videos

Amanda's Site :: great fanfiction, music videos, fan art and lots more

Chez Corine :: a wonderful collection of fanfiction and music videos

Fanfiction.net :: fanfiction for almost every show you can imagine -- including lots of wonderful Stargate fic